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You are working late in the office the deadline for the project is today and it has to be emailed. Five cups of coffee and 12 hours at your computer screen you finally press send, lean back and enjoy the tension release from your shoulders. A job well done.

Looking around you notice the office is empty, not surprising as it is 8 pm and getting dark outside. You close down and wearily swing your jacket up over your arms. As you start to walk to the door you see you are not actually alone Steve from accounts is still at his desk his face eerily illuminated by his computer screen.

"Night Steve" you wave as you picture a hot shower and a comfy bed.

"Hi Alan, I was just about to finish up? Do you fancy a quick beer? It is Friday and I think we have earnt it?"
This is a little choose your own adventure style story I decided to do inspired by ones started by DayeandKnight [link] that took me right back to doing them in books when I was a kid. Although the themes tended to be more fighting monsters rather than the ones contained here!
I am happy for people to write continuations of the threads if they want to. Just send me a link and I will try to add then to the end of the appropriate section.

I hope you enjoy the story you end up with, let me know as I love comments thoughts and suggestions! I mean any kind of communication is welcome to know if people enjoy these kind of things.


Your tired but a beer might be nice, what do you decide?

Agree go for a Beer with Steve [link]

Decline, it has been a long day [link]
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